While We’re Young on Amazon Prime

While Were YoungWhile We´re Young is an American comedy and drama movie which was released in 2014 and it was directed, produced and also written by Noah Baumbach. The main characters of the movie are Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried. The story of the movie follows a couple, who makes friends with a younger couple in their mid 20s.

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The story of While We´re Young takes place in New York and centers around a middle-aged couple, Josh and Cornelia Schrebnick. Josh is working on his documentary film and with Cornelia together they struggle to get a child finally. One day after the lecture of Josh a young couple in their 20s, Jamie and Darby Massey, approaches Josh and invites him and Cornelia out to have dinner together. At the dinner Jamie admits how much he adores all the work of Josh and also the work of Cornelia´s father´s, who is a famous and successful documentary filmmaker. Josh and Cornelia are totally amused by the free spirited couple so Cornelia and Josh starts hanging out with them frequently. The more time they spend together the worst Cornelia and Josh feel, the struggle is big to keep up with the young couple and to be as free and careless as they are.

While We´re Young is a really entertaining and interesting movie with characters you can easily relate to. The comedy and the drama is perfectly balanced in the movie, the film perfectly shows the generation gap between the two couples through funny and less funny situations in the movie. In general While We´re Young got positive reviews and good feedback from the critics. If you want to watch an entertaining movie with great characters then this movie was made for you.

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