What’s new on Amazon Prime March 2016?

March is approaching and you are probably already looking forward to lots of new titles coming to Amazon Prime in March. So what’s new on Amazon Prime March 2016?

I must say that when I wrote my article on what’s new on Amazon Prime February 2016 I was disappointed and really felt as if there were few highlights to speak of. To be honest, reading through the list presenting what’s new on Amazon Prime March 2016 makes me even more depressed. No big highlights at all, but if I would have to emphasize one that would probably be Ghostbusters, but to me that is no big highlight either.

Hopefully you will be happier as you read through the list presenting the news on Amazon Prime in March 2016, but if you are not, then we have something in common.

If you have some comments related to the new films and TV series coming to Amazon Prime March 2016 write a comment in the bottom of the article.

[stbpro id=”info”]If you want to watch some great films on Amazon still, then I suggest you check out the new films that were made available as Instant Videos in February, or wait for The Big Short to arrive to Instant Video on March 15th or Mockingjay Part 2 on March 22nd.[/stbpro]

new on Amazon Prime March 2016
Find out what’s coming to Amazon Prime March 2016

What’s new on Amazon Prime March 2016?

March 1
Ghostbusters II
American Psycho
Land Before Time: The Great Valley Adventure
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Seven Year Itch
The Rules of Attraction
The Story of Ruth
The Gunfighter
Wicked Lady
The Blue Angel
American Psycho 2
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
For Better, For Worse
Raw Deal
Atilla, Il Flagello Di Dio
Black Magic
Love Play
The Courage of Black beauty
Josephine and Men
The March Hare
The Golden Stallion
I’ve Gotta Horse
Angelique Et Le Sultan
I, Mobster
Affair in Havana
Now and Forever

March 3
The End of the Tour
Marc Maron: More Later

March 4
Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans

March 5
Deet N Bax Save Th’ World

March 7
Seven Wonders of Brazil

March 12
Earth: The Inside Story

March 15

March 20
Beyond the Reach

March 22

March 27

March 28
A Single Shot

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