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Vacation on AmazonYesterday I got to see the film Vacation and today I though it was about time to tell you that you can watch the film on if you want to. You can watch it as an Instant Video online at once, or you can buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray, so just press the link beneath to visit and to watch the film Vacation.

In the film Vacation we get to know a family who is quite normal. Things are getting boring, the brothers fight and to change everything the father decides to bring his entire family on a road trip across the USA. As we all expect this is a road trip where nothing actually happens as planned. But, in all accidents and things that happen the family gets to know one another better and the big brother finally takes some action against his super-annoying little brother.

Personally this is not at all a favorite movie of mine. The humor is at times good, but in most incidents it feels very forced onto the film and the jokes are jokes that you have heard a million times before.

But, even though this was a film that did not give anything new to the world, it can still serve as a good film to relax with together with the family on a free evening during the Christmas holiday this year.

The main actors in the film are Ed Helms and Christina Applegate and the film lasts for about 90 minutes. The film has a 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes, while the IMDB audience is a bit nicer and there the film has a 6.2/10 score at the moment.

Have you seen Vacation? Did you like the film?

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