Watch Spy on Amazon Instant Video

Spy on Amazon Instant VIdeoDo you like a good spy film and even better if it is a crazy comedy at the same time? Watch Spy, a film with Jude Law, Jasom Stathom and Melissa McCarthy.

In this film rumors are spread that someone is leaking intelligence to the wrong guys, and that is why all undercover spies are well known by the enemy. To still send out someone to find the bad guys they decide to send Melissa McCarthy, a big and fat office rat to find out who has taken one of their agents and to grab the bad guys. Jason Statham plays a crazy agent as well who has a bigger mouth than talent, but all in all this film is packed with funny scenes, good jokes and hundreds of beautiful clips from cities such as Paris, Rome, Budapest and also Lake Balaton in Hungary.

If you want to see the film online legally then your best shot is to watch it on Amazon Instant Video in the US. This might not be as complicated as it sounds, because all you need is to follow the instructions in this article where I explain you how to watch Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video from outside the US.
Enjoy reading and enjoy watching Spy on Amazon Instant Video from outside the United States.

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