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spectre online on amazonSpectre is the newest James Bond film and the last James Bond film in which Daniel Craig will play our super agent. It was absolutely a worthy finish for him in this James Bond film. I have watched it and if you are a James Bond fan then I believe that you will like Spectre as well.

I was originally not the biggest fan of Daniel Craig in the role as James Bond, but after Casino Royale (which I did not like) things have only gotten better and better and by now I really appreciate Daniel Craig in the role as the British super agent.

In Spectre he is having a low profile, but he needs to fight for the right for Mi6 to work and live and in this task he meets a new enemy played by the brilliant Christoph Waltz. This is a very good combination and the fact that Christoph Waltz is one of the best actors of our time just simply helps out Spectre to be a James Bond film the way we like them to be… full of action, jokes and good humor.

In this film we meet Ralph Fiennes playing the role of M and we also have Lea Seydoux playing the role as the Bond girl. In addition to this cast I really liked the Ben Whishaw in his role as Q and I think he did a really good job.

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