Watch Some Kind of Beautiful on Amazon Instant Video

Some Kind of Beautiful onlineA brand new film has been made available on Amazon Instant Video and the title is Some Kind of Beautiful and it is starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba.

The film is a real standard, but still funny and romantic comedy, where Pierce Brosnan is the guy who simply never wants to get married but who only wants to enjoy life and enjoy all the girls the planet has to offer. Things get a bit more complicated when children come into the world, and things get even more complicated as two of the girls he really like are sisters played by Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba. Another way the film is described and the story line says it like this: “A woman (Salma Hayek) starts to fall in love with a successful college professor (Pierce Brosnan) who had a baby with her younger sister (Jessica Alba).” Sounds interesting?

If you can not watch Amazon Instant Videos online because you are outside the United States, read the following article.

I have not yet seen this film myself, but it looks kind of cool, so I might watch it. I should also mention that it has not received much praise online so it has a 14% score by Metacritic. Despite the poor Metacritic score the IMDB users are a bit more friendly and the film score is currently 5,7/10 at IMDB.

Did you like the film? Watch the trailer and then watch the film itself later.


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