Watch The Nice Guys on Amazon

Recently someone recommend The Nice Guys to me. Watching it online is easy, because you can now watch The Nice Guys on Amazon. But, is it worth watching?

The Nice Guys tells us the story of two private detectives who try to find out what has happened to a dead porn star, while looking for another girl. The two stories seems to be connected, but it ain’t as easy as one might believe. The two detectives are played by Ryan Gossling and Russell Crowe and you better be prepared for a comedy more than an action film when you decide to watch this film.

Now you can watch The Nice Guys on

I had The Nice Guys recommended to me and that is what made me actually watch it. Well, I did not actually finish the film, because for some reason I did not like The Nice Guys at all. I am not sure why I didn’t like it, but for some reason I was bored and did not enjoy the movie at all. What I enjoyed the most was the chips I ate while watching and the cold Coke I drank. And when there was no more chips or Coke left, then it was time to stop watching the film as well.

Watch The Nice Guys on Amazon

Now you might totally disagree with me on my feelings about the film. If you have watched it and liked it, why not write a few words in the comment field to tell me why you liked the film.

I do know that most people actually like this film. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a fantastic 92% score, while it has almost 8/10 on iMDB. So, what is wrong with me? I don’t know, but I did not like the film.

If you want to watch The Nice Guys on Amazon then you can buy it or borrow it and watch it online right away. If you are located outside the United States follow these instructions to find out how you can watch Instant Videos from abroad.

You can not watch The Nice Guys on HBO Now, on Hulu or on Netflix yet, but it will probably arrive to such platforms within a couple of months. Until then you can and should watch The Nice Guys online on Amazon instead of waiting for the film to arrive to the other platforms.

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