Watch Macgyver (2016 TV series) on Amazon

macgyver-on-amazonMacgyver (2016) had its premiere on CBS on September 23rd, 2016. Now you can watch the plot as it progresses on!

I recently watched the Macgyver pilot episodes on CBS All Access and had a good time doing so. I was very tired that evening as I watched it, and as a result I almost fell asleep a couple of times. But, that did not really have anything to do with Macgyver. Based on the first episode this is a true Macgyver clone. The story and the methods are the same. The characters in the TV series are also the same, except for the fact that Pete Thornton has been replaced by Patricia Thornton.

What’s great with Amazon is that you get access to all new TV series at the same place. In the same way as you can watch Macgyver on Amazon you can also watch Blindspot, The Blacklist, The Good Place, Timeless and lots of other great TV series on Amazon. You can decide if you want to buy access to one and one episode, or if you would rather pay one fee and get access to full seasons as once. If you plan on watching the entire season of Macgyver or some other TV series on Amazon, you will save money if you buy access to the entire season at once.

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Watch Macgyver on Amazon

The pilot episode of Macgyver can be watched for free on Amazon. Later episodes will probably cost 1,99 USD per episode. For access to the entire season you will need to pay 19.99USD. You can also watch the Macgyver episodes with a CBS All Access subscription. This cost you either 6USD or 10USD a month, depending on whether you go for the commercial free version or not.

Enjoy watching Macgyver on Amazon. If you have comments or questions, use the comment field beneath.

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