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Would you like to watch the action movie Death Wish on Amazon? It can be done, as it is available both for purchasing and borrowing!

I just watched Death Wish, and it is a fairly good action movie with Bruce Willis. It isn’t a movie I want to watch one more time, but as a one-time-stand on a boring evening, it is a nice movie to watch.

death wish on Amazon

In Death Wish, we meet Bruce Willis playing the role of Dr. Kersey. He is working at the ER and every day he has to treat people coming in with gun wounds and other injuries. It doesn’t affect him a lot, but when his very own wife and daughter are attacked in their own house he decides to take fate into his own hands.

The doctor starts wearing a hoodie and he becomes the protector of the innocent. He isn’t a pro, but he still becomes a kind of protector of the weak in his neighborhood.

Would you like to watch Death Wish on Amazon Prime? It cannot be done, but you can still rent it as an Instant Movie, or buy it and watch it whenever you want to.

Death Wish cannot be streamed in any Netflix region yet, and it isn’t on HBO Now either, so you can just as well buy it or rent it if you are eager to watch it.

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