Watch Cinderella on Amazon Instant Video

You have probably seen the original Cinderella film sometime and if you liked it, you should take a look at the new version of Cinderella which was in cinemas worldwide in the start of 2015.

Cinderella on Amazon

If you want to read more about the film, just read on, or head over to to watch the film there immediately.

In Cinederella we can follow the patient, loving and kind Cinderella who is played by Cate Blanchett. She looks really good in the role and the story is true to the original, but it still gets exciting and we all cheer for Cinderella to succeed in winning the heart of the prince and to be the one winning the final battle for prince charming!

Have fun watching the film, but if you want to watch it, but bump into trouble because you are located outside the United States, then you can read more about how to watch Cinderella from abroad on Amazon Instant Video in the following article.

Did you like Cinderella? I liked it, the only thing I did not like was that they showed a part of Frozen in the cinema before the start of the actual film and I was really bored and almost considered leaving the cinema, but then luckily Frozen stopped and the real Cinderella film started!

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