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I have not seen Blue Jasmine myself yet, but my close family have seen it and most of them really liked the film, even though they were not 100% satisfied with the end of the film, but since they did not make it, it is not up to them to decide how the film should progress. Blue Jasmine is a Woody Allen film from 2013.

I just read parts of a review of this film at where the one writing the comment says as follows: “If you want to see this year’s master class in screen acting, you need to watch Cate Blanchett’s mesmerizing performance as Jasmine French, a delusional Park Avenue socialite wife in Woody Allen’s 46th directorial effort, a sly, bicoastal update of Tennessee Williams’ classic A Streetcar Named Desire. As the film opens, her impeccably dressed character has hit rock bottom after her financial wizard of a husband is arrested and her assets are liquidated.

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