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Blood and Oil onlineBlood & Oil is a brand new TV series produced by ABC and you can now watch the episodes as the first season go on on as Instant Videos. ABC is very hard to watch in itself from abroad, but luckily you can watch Blood & Oil online still.

Yesterday I watched the first episode of Blood & Oil online and I must admit that I was impressed. I do not really like these kind of TV series, it remind me to much of Dallas and so on, but still, if time would admit it, I would for sure like to keep watching this season and the next episodes.

In the first episode we get to know the couple who move away to find luck in a new place (where lots of people hoping that life will bring them luck meets). The guy want to work in the oil business and he soon gets into the business and takes big risks to get money and to get their life started. At the same time we meet the big ruler of the area due to his nose for business, but everything is not easy for him either as his son is not at all an obedient and nicely behaving guy.

If you want to watch Blood and Oil online then you can do so on online. If you want to know more about how you can watch Amazon Instant Videos online from outside the USA, read the article.

On Amazon you can watch and buy rights to either one episode at a time or you can buy the rights to watch the entire season online and then you will be able to watch every new episode online at once after they have been made available.

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