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I recently watched Big Hero 6 and since I had heard quite a lot about the film I had big expectations as I started. And for once those expectations were met and I totally enjoyed watching Big Hero 6. And if you have not yet seen it, then you can watch Big Hero 6 online on as well

In Big Hero 6 we meet the little nerd Hiro who is amazing at creating and inventing. One day he goes with his brother Tadashi to his workplace, and there he can meet and see a whole lot of cool inventions made. He receives praise from the leader there who encourages him to apply for a job. To get the job he needs to invent something that will impress the leadership and if it does, the job is his! Since Hiro is a fantastic guy he invents something called microbots which are controlled by its owner, but in the hands of the wrong people these can be used for destructive purposes and do a lot of harm.

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And guess what… the microbots fall into the hands of someone with evil intentions and Hiro has to fight the new owner of the microbots together with some of his brothers colleagues. And let us not forget, together with Baymax, an inflatable robot invented by his brother Tadashi.

As I watched the film I had a really good time, I got some great laughs, and it was so entertaining that I really looked forward to watching the rest of the film. This is an animated film, but it is not a typical childrens film, so for children under the age of 11 this might be scary, so be warned.

Big Hero 6 is for sure one of the best animated films that has been produced in the later years and the next animated film which I am about to see is Inside Out, another film which received a lot of praise from critics and viewers, so I hope I will be just as happy after watching that as I was after watching Big Hero 6. Congratulations to Marvel and to Disney on producing Big Hero 6. Great work!

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Have you seen Big Hero 6? Did you enjoy the film? Why not write a comment and share your thoughts!

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