Video Unavailable – Error 7035 on Prime Video

I just signed up for Prime Video and I could watch Amazon Original TV series, but once I tried to watch anything else I got the 7035 Error Message. What to do?

There are lots of annoying error message that you might bump into at and any Amazon affiliated website. The newest website is Prime Video which is a big step in making all Amazon TV series global. But, have you signed up and after signing up you get the 7035 Error Message? You are not alone about it. There are probably thousands of people getting this error message whenever they try to watch some content online at Prime Video.

Based on my personal experience it seems as if this error message only comes when you try to watch content not produced by Amazon. You can in other words watch Transparent, Bosch, Mozart in the Jungle and Creative Galaxy, but whenever you try to watch Mr. Robot or Ace Ventura you will get the message. What can be done about it?

error 7035 amazon
Video Unavailable – You don’t own this video or have an active rental. Review your orders at If you recently purchased, the payment method might have been declined. For rentals, the rental period might have expired. For further assistance, please contact Amazon Customer Service at and refer to error 7035.

What to do about error 7035 on Amazon?

To be honest, I do not have an answer yet. I am still waiting for an answer to come from the Amazon Support team. It seems as if the error is about having a not valid billing address, a not valid card, or maybe a mixture of a billing address not similar to the address registered with your payment card. The only problem is that I have used both a valid address and a valid card registered at my address in my current location, but I still get the error 7035  as I watch Prime Video’s. What can be done?

I sent Amazon and email and then….

I sent Amazon an email explaining them my problem. After a few hours I received the following answer:

I've reviewed the error and found that you received it as the video you are trying to watch requires it to be purchased or rented. If it is a prime eligible video please send us the title of it and the device you are trying to watch it on. Otherwise if it is not Prime eligible, the reason you are getting this error is due to a payment error for the video.

Another thing you can try is updating your marketplace on your account. Do so as follows:

Device features and content availability may vary by your country or region. You can view and change your country settings from the Manage Your Content and Devices page on your computer or from the Store Settings screen on your device.

From your computer:
Go to Manage Your Content and Devices (
Select the Settings tab.
Under Country Settings, click Change to select an existing address or enter a new address.

I hope this helps! We hope to see you soon.

After receiving this email I did nothing at all, but visit again, tried to watch the content available and it worked. What actually solved the problem I am not sure… maybe it was healed by time? I had another account with which I registered as well. I got the same problem with that account, but now I tested it once again and the error is gone and I could watch all movies available on Prime Video as well. So, maybe time actually fixed the problem?

This is how I get the 7035 Error Message now

So yes, everything is working now, but I can now get the 7035 error message by connecting to a VPN server in another country. I have signed up for my Prime Video account in Europe, and traveling around in Europe it seems as if it will work in most location. But, as I connected to a VPN server in the UK and tried to watch a movie on Prime Video I got the error message again. Once I disconnected the error message disappeared and I could watch again. So, there seems to be a geo-block or geo-error involved here somehow.

It is also worth noticing that if you have signed up for a Prime Video account in Europe and go to the United States, then only the Amazon Original series will be available, no other stuff at all. This can of course be bypassed with using a VPN to get an IP address in Europe.

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  1. I was watching the amazon prime video Rogue. 4 seasons. I’ve watch seasons 1, 2 and 3. and the first 3 episodes of season 4. and now it is unavailable. is this an error and is it coming back? Regards Stephen.

  2. If you can hear the sounds but without picture just exit the screen, refresh the page and it will be working again . It could be that Silverlight needs updating as well.

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