The Prince on Amazon Prime

The Prince is an American gangster thriller which was released in 2014 and it was directed by Brian A. Miller. The main characters in the movie are Jason Patric as Paul, Bruce Willis as Omar, John Cusack as Sam, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as The Pharmacy, Rain as Mark, Jessica Lowndes as Angela, Gia Mantegna as Beth and so on.

The Prince on Amazon Prime

You can now watch this film on Amazon Prime, meaning for free as a Prime member. For more information on watching Amazon Prime from overseas, read here.

The story of the movie The Prince is about Paul who is a mechanic. Paul has a daughter, Beth who one day to another disappears. Paul first noticed something strange on the phone talking to her the other day, then he received a letter from Beth’s university that indicates she stopped attending school and when he tried to reach her on the phone a stranger answered. As the police did not take Paul and his worries seriously he decided to investigate the case alone and his only goal is to find her kidnapped daughter safe and sound. Paul went to Beth’s apartment to look around where he found a picture of Beth and an other girl who he assumed to be Beth’s friend. Paul found the girl, Angela in the local bar who told him that Beth got kicked out of university because of her drug addiction. Paul asked Angela to set up a meeting in New Orleans with the dealer, Eddie to get information from his daughter.

The movie The Prince got generally negative feedback from the critics and it also received bad ratings. The critics were mostly unsatisfied with the lack of story and direction.

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