The Last Jedi is now on Amazon

The Last Jedi on AmazonAre you a fan of the Star Wars? Have you seen the latest movie yet, The Last Jedi? If you did not see it in theaters, you can now buy it and stream it on and other streaming services.

You can not watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi with your Amazon Prime subscription (yet). The truth is, you will probably not be able to stream this movie ever with your Prime subscription, especially now that Disney will launch their very own streaming service. So, if you will be able to stream this movie somewhere, it will be on the Disney streaming service sometime in the future. But, until then, why not buy the movie on and stream it there right away? You can not rent the movie yet, but as we wrote about a few weeks ago, you will probably be able to rent the movie within two weeks.

I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the cinema in December, and had a great time doing so. I love watching movies in the cinema, especially if I can combine it with some tortilla chips with salsa sauce. If I get the tortilla chips any movie will turn enjoyable! So, I did enjoy The Last Jedi, but I must say that I truly liked The Force Awakens more than I enjoyed The Last Jedi. That does not mean anything, that is just my very own opinion. So, go ahead and stream The Last Jedi on Amazon, and feel free to share your thoughts on the movie afterward.

How to stream The Last Jedi on from abroad?

Do you wonder how to buy and stream movies on from abroad? It can be quite hard considering that you need an American payment card to make it work, but later you will also need an American IP address (that is accepted by Want to know more about how it can be done? Read my instructions on how to watch Amazon Instant Videos abroad in this article.

Wish you all a perfect day, and if you have some minutes left after watching The Last Jedi on Amazon, please write a comment to share your thoughts!

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