The best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime˙in 2018

December is here, and today I would like to tell you which movies to watch on Amazon Prime for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, there are not that many movies to choose from, but some of them are great ones and might give you a wonderful time in front of the screen!

If you are not limited to your Amazon Prime subscription, my two favorite Christmas movies are The Holiday and Love Actually. Neither of them can be seen with your Prime subscription, but if you are willing to buy them or rent them, these can warmly be recommended!

As I mentioned, there are not many movies to choose from, but here are the best Christmas movies available with your Amazon Prime subscription in 2018!

Best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime 2018

Christmas With the Kranks

This is a traditional Christmas movie about the Kranks family who has decided to cancel Christmas and leave for a nice holiday instead. This is a quite harmless thing to do, but the entire neighborhood is upset by this deed as they normally celebrate and decorate the entire street together.

One thing leaders to another, and suddenly the Kranks have to spend their holiday at home after all. How will this end? We meet Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis in the main roles of this movie which might not be the best Christmas movie, but it might work if you are desperate!

Christmas with the kranks

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Luckily, this is a more interesting movie than Christmas With the Kranks. Here we are told the story about Charles Dickens, the author of A Christmas Carol. Maybe you have seen one of the many movies based on his book about Scrooge, the man who hated Christmas, or maybe you have read it? But, what was life like for Charles Dickens before he actually wrote the book? This is an interesting story that might be one of my biggest favorite movies for Christmas on Amazon Prime in 2018.

Christmas movies on Amazon Prime

All I Want For Christmas is You

We have all heard and love the Mariah Carey Christmas hit All I Want For Christmas Is You. But, have you seen the movie Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You? This is a movie for the youngest kids in which we follow the cute little girl Mariah in a loving story about Mariah and her wish for a puppy. The best solution for those who want to watch a Christmas movie with their youngest kids on Amazon Prime.

A Merry Friggin Christmas

In this movie, we can see Robbie Williams as the old and grumpy dad who has to celebrate Christmas with his sons family. They haven’t been speaking for years and their relationship is terrible. When Boyd (the son) finds out that they have left their sons Christmas present at home, he is forced to travel with his dad to go back and get it. What will be the result? This is a very traditional Christmas story again about the importance of family, something that always is in focus during the great holiday of love.

All I want for Christmas

Merry Christmas with Amazon Prime

These are the only four movies I would like to highlight if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. There are some more movies in the holiday movies category, but they are either terrible, really old, or doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas. You have, for example, Mr. Bean’s Holiday. It is a great watch if you are really tired and want to laugh, but I doubt that it will bring the real Christmas atmosphere to your home.

Do you have some other favorite Christmas movie on Amazon Prime? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. And do not forget that you can watch a short video with trailers from the mentioned movies at the top of this article.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!

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