Stream Wonder Woman on Amazon

Wonder Woman on Amazon rentalThe wait is soon over. The wonderful woman Gal Gadot and her character Wonder Woman will come to and other video streaming services in September 2017.

Most DC Comics fans looked forward to the arrival of Wonder Woman, but no one expected it to become quite the success it became. It made knockout on all other movies and topped the lists across the world week after week after its arrival. And now the time for buying it to watch it at home is here. In September Wonder Woman will be made available on, and as a consequence, you can stream it at home on the Amazon website, or buy it and have it delivered to your door as a DVD or in the Blu-Ray format.

I didn’t look forward to Wonder Woman at all, but I had a fantastic time watching it in the cinema. I have spoken to lots of other people feeling the same, and one person very special to me who hates all sorts of super-hero movies even praised the movie. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

The breakthrough of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman had a little role in Batman vs. Superman, but she didn’t make an impression on me at all in that movie. She was some small character that I didn’t enjoy the company of. But, as Wonder Woman enters the scene in this film, she takes it with a storm.  I should mention that Batman vs. Superman was a terrible film in total, and for that reason, no super hero could help that film in any way. Let us hope things will get better as the story continues within shortly.

When can I rent Wonder Woman on Amazon?

It normally takes 7-9 days before a movie is made available for rental on Amazon and other streaming services. Wait with patience and rest assured that the waiting time will soon be over.

When can I watch Wonder Woman on Amazon Prime or Netflix?

It will for sure take ages before Wonder Woman comes to Amazon Prime, but I have a little hope that Wonder Woman can come to Netflix before Christmas. If it does, it will only be to some very special regions, for example, Canadian Netflix. To find out more about Wonder Woman on Netflix, click the link.

How did you like Wonder Woman?

At Rotten Tomatoes Wonder Woman has an awesome critics score of 92%. The audience score is 90%. Those are incredible numbers, and few movies manage to get even close to such numbers. Have you seen Wonder Woman? How did you like it? Write a comment and share your thoughts!

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