The Shack is now on Amazon

The Shack on AmazonThe Shack is a movie based on the book written by Paul Young with the same name. You can now watch this heartbreaking story on

The story in The Shack is a quite terrible one. A father looses his daughter after she is brutally murdered in the forest. After this tragedy he has a hard time coping with life, but one day he is invited to the shack, the place were his daughter was found. He doesn’t know who invited him, but after a while it turns out that God himself invited Him.

But, how can a loving God let such a thing happen? How can someone able to do anything, not stop something so evil from happening? As the conversation goes on we get a better insight in the grief of the father, and in the loving heart of a God. Sounds incredible? It isn’t an easy story to digest, but if you want to give it a chance, go ahead and watch The Shack right away. You can buy it on, or you can rent the movie and stream it online for as little as 4 USD.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am planning on watching it within the coming days. Unfortunately the movie never came to theaters in my home country, so this will be my first chance actually to watch the movie. I look forward to it!

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Have you seen The Shack? Did you enjoy the movie?

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