Prime Reading expands to Germany and England

Prime Reading was first available in the USA only, but recently Amazon expanded and made their book lending service available in the UK and in Germany as well.

When I first read about Prime Reading I was really enthusiastic about the service, and for that reason I wrote several articles about the service. I have even written some articles on books I have read borrowed from Amazon with Amazon Prime. But, unfortunately Prime Reading was only available in the USA from the first moment. I expected Prime Reading to come to the other Amazon stores as well, but it has taken quite a lot of months. The waiting time is however over by now, because Prime Reading can now be enjoyed in Germany and in England as well. If you want to know more about Prime Reading and what it is, check out this blog and article.

Primeday coming up
Primeday coming up in the US, in Germany and in the UK

You do need an Amazon Prime subscription in order to enjoy Prime Reading, but with Prime Day coming up on July 11th, this is the perfect time to sign up for Amazon Prime. While I am not the biggest fan of Prime day myself, there are lots of great offers coming up every fifth minute on that day. Some offers are fantastic, while most of the offers look very similar to the “Daily Deals” on Amazon, meaning that you get the same as you would on all other days of the year on Amazon.

In the United States Prime Day is the biggest shopping day of the year, and on world basis it is fighting with the Chinese Single’s Day on being the biggest shopping day of the year in the world. It might be that I am missing out on something, but I have still not found lots of products worth buying on Prime Day. But, if you are planning on buying a new TV within shortly, a vacuum cleaner or maybe a computer screen, why don’t you wait till July 11th and maybe you will be able to buy such a product at a very discounted price?

Amazon are really nice with the Prime subscription

Did you know that you can sign up for Amazon Prime, but cancel it anytime and get money back? I am not sure if this is available everywhere, but last year I signed up for a Prime subscription in Germany to buy something on Prime Day. I used the subscription a bit, but then I decided to cancel my subscription after a while. I did not know about it then, but as I cancelled my subscription with immediate effect, Amazon gave me my money back. They did not give the full amount, but the amount in Euro which equaled the time I had left with my subscription.

In Germany the subscription cost 60 Euro per year. When I cancelled my subscription after a month or two I receive a bit more than 50 Euro back, which means that I actually only paid for the time I had an active Prime subscription. I find that to be a brilliant customer service, so thank you Amazon for that!



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