Now You See Me 2 is now on

One of my favorite films recently was Now You See Me. That is why I looked very much forward to Now You See Me 2 which I watched a few months ago. Now it has arrived on DVD and as Instant Video on, meaning that you have the chance to watched it now if you missed out on it in the theaters.

Now You See Me 2 online

The first Now You See Me film was brilliant and a breath of fresh air. That is why I was scared that the sequel would fail to live up to the expectations created by the first film. But, after watching Now You See Me 2 in cinema I must admit that I was pretty much satisfied with the experience. It did not give me the same fantastic feeling of something new as the first film did, but that would have been pretty much impossible I guess. It did however show some fantastic magic tricks and it manage to surprise and make me curious about what’s coming up and “how on earth did that happen?”

As I watched Now You See Me 2 I watched it with someone who hadn’t seen the first film, and she said that she was totally able to enjoy the second film, even without watching the first first. Now, I would for sure recommend you to watch Now You See Me before you watch Now You See Me 2 online on, but if you just want to start with number two, feel free to do so!

Watch Now You See Me 2 on Amazon

You can as I mentioned watch Now You See Me 2 on Amazon. It is simple to buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray, or you can watch it as an Instant Video if you want to get started and watch it right away. If you are located abroad then you can follow these instructions to find out more about how you can watch Amazon Instant Videos from abroad.

I hope you will enjoy Now You See Me 2 just as much as I did.

If you have any comments or questions related to the film, simply use the comment field beneath.

When will Now You See Me 2 come to Netflix?

That is a question I can not answer yet, but I guess it will come to Canadian Netflix in 3-4 months (that is probably the first Netflix region it will come to). It might arrive faster to services like HBO Now, while HULU and Amazon Prime subscribers will probably have to wait for years before Now You See Me 2 will be included in their subscription.

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