Do not forget about your free Prime book in January

With a new month comes free books for Amazon Prime members. This is not the same as Prime Reading where you can borrow free books (up to ten books at the time). Have you checked out the free Prime books for January? Have you decided which one to download yourself?

If you have a Kindle it is brilliant that you can get a book for free every single month. You can download it and on your Kindle you can have thousands of books stored and read them whenever you want to. In January you can again choose between six different books and here you can see a list of those!

Free Prime book January 2017
Free Prime book January 2017

As you can see on the picture above these books will cost 2 USD for people who are not Prime members, but if you have a Prime membership you can get access to them for free until February. Then they will return to their normal price and you will have to pay much more if you want to get access to and read any of these books.

So, which book will you read? I would probably go for The Mutual Admiration Society: A Novel, but at the moment I have borrowed so many books on Prime Reading that I will not have time to read any of these at the moment anyway, so I guess I will have to say no thank you to this brilliant offer available for free to all Prime members.

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