New Amazon Prime titles in January 2016

If you follow this blog you probably know that most of these films can already be seen on Amazon Prime for free as a Prime member, but if you have not yet read posts in this blog, I thought I’d tell you some of the best films that have been added to Amazon Prime in January 2016.

You can also watch a video on YouTube telling you about these new Prime titles and in that film you can also see short trailers presenting the different films. Well, here are the titles I would recommend that you watch if you have a Prime subscription.

New in January 2016 on Amazon Prime

Interstellar: Not at all my favorite film, but still an Academy Awarded film in which we follow a travel to outer space, and we see how time works differently depending on your location.

Ex Machina: I have not seen it yet, but supposed to be a fantastic film. So, one film I will watch in the near future, but have not seen it yet.

new on amazon prime january 2016Selma: The highlight of January for me. A fantastic film about Martin Luther King and his fight for the blacks in America. Do not miss out on this one!

SpongeBob The Movie: Have not seen it and have no plan to see it either, but if you have a SpongeBob fan in your family, this is still a highlight to watch!

The Da Vinci Code: A film packed with wrong teachings on Christianity, but as a pure fiction film it is fantastic and one of my favorite films.

Danny Collins: What happens as the artist Danny Collins suddenly realize that John Lennon sent him a letter 40 years earlier. Everything changes!

While We’re Young: This is a film that you will probably like a lot or not at all. Not the traditional comedy, but a bit deeper. A great production that you might like a lot!

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