Manchester By The Sea on Netflix?!?!

Last year I wrote a few articles about Manchester By The Sea, and I said, that it will probably never get to Netflix. I was wrong!

Manchester By The Sea is an Amazon Original Movie, and it is one of the most successful original Amazon movies so far. Casey Affleck won an Oscar statue for his performance as a highly depressed guy who has to move back to his hometown after his father dies. The film is completely depressing from start till end, but the critics often enjoy such stuff, so I guess that is the reason for its success.

Manchester by the sea

Well, back then I said that this movie will never get to Netflix, simply because it is an Amazon Original Movie. In the same way, Orange is the New Black will never become a part of the Amazon Prime package, as it is a Netflix original.

But again, I was wrong. Not about Orange is the New Black, but about Manchester By The Sea. The movie can now be streamed on Netflix. It cannot be seen on US Netflix, so I guess Amazon has secured themselves. Instead, it can be seen by people with a Netflix subscription in South Korea. The reason might be that Amazon will not set their foot in South Korea (probably), and then it feels quite okay to let people watch their original content, even if it has to be on Netflix.

Now, I highly doubt that Manchester by the Sea will ever be added to Netflix in countries in which there exist an Amazon store, and especially an available Amazon Prime subscription. But, I was wrong once, and I might turn out to be wrong again. Who knows?

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