Magic in the Moonlight on Amazon Instant Video

Magic in the MoonlightA new romantic film has been added to Amazon Instant Video, and the title of the film is Magic in the Moonlight. Want to know more about the film? Keep on reading!

The Magic in the Moonlight is a romantic comedy written and directed by Woody Allen. The two main characters in the movie are Emma Stone who plays a young medium called Sophie Baker and Colin Firth who is a world famous magician. The story is set on the French riviera in the 1920s. Colin Firth the world famous Chinese magician, Wei Ling Soo but only a few people knows that he is only a grumpy and arrogant English man called Stanley Crawford who does not believe in any magic or spiritualism. So his friend Howard Burkan goes on a mission to fool his friend with Sophie the medium who said to have extraordinary and special abilities. Howard with the help of Sophie set up the perfect scam for Stanley. He invites him to Côte d’Azur mansion of the Catledge family where he will have the chance to meet Sophie who was invited by Grace. Grace is convinced that Sophie can help her contact with his dead husband. Stanley introduces him as a business man called Stanley Taplinger. Stanley Taplinger tries everything to take down Sophie but the young girl’s extraordinary and unique telepathic gifts and her beauty leave Stanley stunned.

The movie is not the best Woody Allen films but it is not the worst either. The story of the film is entertaining and it gives a nice and comfortable feeling watching it. The Magic in the Moonlight received mixed critics but the acts of Colin Firth and Emma Stone were praised and got a lot of positive feedbacks. It is a worth watching movie even the story of the movie it is not the best, but it is still a Woody Allen movie and far better than most of the Hollywood movies.

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