Last chance to do your Christmas shopping!

It is December 21st, which means you only have a few more days to finish your Christmas shopping in 2016. Are you ready? Or do you still have shopping left to do?

As you might know Amazon is one of the biggest stores in the world and you can find almost anything at (or at, or one of the other Amazon stores). The only challenge is to find what you are looking for, or maybe how to find what you are not looking for and what you did not know that you were actually looking for. That is kind of the coolest shopping you can do, when you just surf around and suddenly discover something fantastic, something that you should have had 10 years ago. But, you just discovered it and now you feel terrible without it. Or maybe you found out that this product was exactly what some relative would want and need for Christmas (they just don’t know it yet).

christmas shopping 2016

I can not help you discover those products, but I do hope you will find some. A good question you can always ask yourself is: “Are there some areas in my life that isn’t working?” Or maybe think of some technical problem you might have. There are probably some smart guy out there who has found a solution you can buy for little or much money, so do a search and find a solution. If you read this article you will find an example of such a problem that could easily be solved with a product from

A more traditional Christmas gift

If you like Amazon then you should and could give a family member, a relative or someone else a subscription to Amazon Prime. But, what might surprise them even more, especially if they live outside the USA, is a subscription to Prime Video, the brand new service from Amazon which gives people all across the world access to the Prime Video library, consisting of all the original Amazon productions. That is a brilliant gift, and now during the first six months you can even get it at a very discounted price.

You should also be aware of the fact that most Amazon products are discounted before Christmas, meaning that you can buy Kindle, Fire tablets and other traditional Amazon products at a cheaper cost than usual.

And once you are finished preparing the gifts, why not sit down with a Christmas movie on, or maybe listen to some Christmas music on Amazon Music?

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