Give the gift of reading for Christmas

Amazon PrimeAre you looking for a great present to give someone for Christmas? Why not give them the present of reading? A subscription to Amazon Prime will give them access to lots of free books with Prime reading.

I know there is a program at Amazon called Kindle Unlimited. It is maybe the perfect gift for someone who is crazy about reading. But, if you know someone who loves reading, but they also love watching a good movie, then an Amazon Prime subscription will give them access to both these activities at the same time.

I have an AmazonĀ Prime subscription, and with this comes the chance to stream lots of movies and TV series every single month. In addition, I can also download loads of books to my Kindle and read them for free through the Prime Reading program. This is perfect, and I can borrow ten books for free from the library at any given time. Besides this, I get access to one book for free every month (I can pick one out of six books).

I haven’t mentioned how you can listen to music for free with your Prime subscription and lots of other advantages, but believe me, a Prime subscription might be exactly the gift you are looking for this Christmas.

Do you really want to give something else?

If you are really eager to give something else than an Amazon Prime subscription, why not buy some Bitcoin (you do not need to buy a whole one), and then buy a Trezor Wallet or a Ledger Wallet, and give these together as a Christmas present? It might be a bit untraditional, but it will give the lucky person joys in the coming year, something he/she will pay attention to, and it is a gift that will increase in value (hopefully) throughout 2018.

The easiest place to buy Bitcoin is at Coinbase, and you can read moreĀ about the Ledger Wallet and the Trezor wallet right here.

I wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas!

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