Drunk History on Amazon Prime

Sometimes one of the best ways of learning is through humour and comedy. Dive into the drunk history which can now be seen on Amazon Prime, both season one and season two. Have fun and learn a lot at the same time!

Drunk History on Amazon Prime
Watching Drunk History on Amazon Prime from Europe

Drunk History is an American comedy television series which was released in 2013. The series is produced by Comedy Central and it is based on the Funny or Die web series which was written by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in 2007. The whole series is directed and written by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner. In each episode the drunk narrator struggles to recall an important event of the American History. Apart from the celebrity guest stars, the characters in the series are played by Bennie Arthur, Tim Baltz, Mort Burke, Sarah Burns, Maria Blasucci, Craig Cackowski, Michael Cassady, Michael Coleman, Tymberlee Hill, Adam Nee and Jeremy J. Tutson.

The series tells different short stories of the most important historical events of the American History by a drunk narrator which changes in every episode. The series tells the story of Ducan Trussel on Tesla meeting and working for Edison, Jen Kirkman on Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’ Friendship, Eric Falconer on Benjamin Frankiln’s relationship with Annabelle, James Atkinson on Martin Luther King Jr. meeting with J. Edgar Hoover and so on.

The television series Drunk History got generally good and positive reviews and feedbacks on the originality of the series and on the story telling. It is a worth watching entertaining television series packed with humour and good laughs.

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