Can I watch War Machine on Amazon?

War Machine on AmazonWar Machine is the name of the brand new war movie with Brad Pitt. It is a Netflix original production and was released on Netflix all around the world in May 2017. Can it be streamed on as well?

The answer at the moment is NO. You can not stream War Machine on Amazon, and if I am right, then you will not be able to do so in the near future either. Now you should not be to sad, after all War Machine isn’t a very good movie so you will not loose out on much if you skip watching it, but if you really want to stream War Machine online, then you better get your Netflix subscription in order instead.

What makes me believe that War Machine will not come to Amazon?

Netflix is producing more and more original content, and they are really getting bigger at creating original movies. Adam Sandler has so far produced two original Netflix movies, The Ridiculous 6 and Sandy Wexler. The latter was recently made available on Netflix, while The Ridiculous 6 was made available sometime early in 2016 if I remember correct. But, I then visited to check if The Ridiculous 6 could be found there, but the movie is still not available in any way on Amazon. That makes be believe that Netflix has no intention of making their own original movies available on other platforms, and thus I have a feeling that War Machine will not be released on in the future either.

I might be wrong, but time will show! But, maybe you could stream Manchester by the Sea instead, a movie that will not be made available on Netflix since it is an Amazon Original movie. That might give you more than War Machine will, even though I didn’t really appreciate that movie much either.

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  1. House of Cards season 4 got to Amazon recently, meaning that it took it almost a year to get to Amazon. When it comes to War Machine you are probably right that it will never arrive, time will show.

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