Can I watch Amazon Prime during my summer holiday?

Lots of people travel to destinations inside the USA on their summer holidays, and others go abroad for their summer holidays. Is it possible to watch Amazon Prime content during the vacation?

Do you plan to watch some Amazon Prime content during your summer holiday? It is possible, but there are quite a lot of things you need to know.

Amazon Prime on my summer holiday

Worth knowing before you go on your summer vacation

Before you leave, think through these questions:

  • Do you have an Internet connection at your destination?
    Maybe you have forgotten about it, but streaming Amazon Prime content requires an Internet connection. Streaming a movie at Amazon Prime will need a lot of bandwidth, meaning that your mobile data connection will be emptied quickly if you plan on using that one.
  • Have you downloaded the content you need?
    If you do not have a valid Internet subscription, why not download the content you need beforehand? At Amazon Prime, you have the chance to download a lot of content to watch it offline. If you use this, then you can watch it on Android and iOS devices. This function can not be used in Windows, nor with Apple TV, nor with Chromecast.
  • Will you be on domestic or foreign soil?
    You might go to a hotel with a WiFi connection, but if that hotel is located in Mexico, you are still in trouble. That isn’t only true of Mexico, but anywhere in the world that is not the United States. Amazon Prime content is mostly available to US customers only. The consequence is error messages showing up if you try to watch the content abroad. There are ways to bypass such geo-blocks when streaming Amazon Prime abroad, but it makes things more complicated.

My final advises for those who want to stream Amazon Prime on the summer vacation

  • Read through the questions above, and make arrangements based on those. If you download content, you will be able to watch it abroad as well, as long as you do not have an active data connection or WiFi connection available in that given country. Turn off your data connection and WiFi for that to work.
  • Sign up for a VPN if you want to watch online Amazon Prime content when abroad.
  • Check whether you will have a WiFi connection available on your domestic/foreign location or not.

I hope you will have a fantastic holiday. If you have further questions or comments related to streaming Amazon Prime on your vacation, write in the comment field beneath.


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