Can I watch The Accountant on Amazon?

I watched The Accountant with Ben Affleck in cinema not long ago. When can I expect it to arrive to Amazon? Can I watch it right away?

I must admit that watching The Accountant was an interesting experience. I did not expect much from the movie, but I of course hoped that it would be a film worth watching. As I left the theater I felt quite amazed. I had just watched a movie that managed to surprise me in so many ways and I was really happy that I watched it.


How did The Accountant surprise me?

Since I had no background information about the movie I just expected it to be about a very strange accountant. I had seen a trailer, so I expected him to be kind of mentally ill and behaving in a strange manner, but except from that nothing. What I expected was true, this has got to be the strangest accountant ever, but he was so much more than just a strange guy with glasses. Want to know why? Watch The Account for yourself!

Can I watch The Accountant on Amazon?

At the time I am writing this article the answer is no. Unfortunately we will have to wait for a couple of month before a movie is released to the public on DVD or Blu-Ray (or to watch it online). My guess is therefore that The Accountant will be released in late February or early March in 2016. But, I am not always so good at predicting, so I might be awfully wrong.

Is there no place where I can watch The Accountant before that?

Not really… if they still play it in a theater near you, then that is a way. If not you will have to wait. By the time it reaches you will also be able to watch it on Vudu, Google Play Store and Apple Store, and maybe a month after that then it will start showing up in certain Netflix regions and maybe also on HBO Now.

You have something to look forward to!

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    1. It will come as a DVD and Blu-Ray later in January, but it will for sure take a while before we get it included with Amazon Prime!

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