Can I watch Line of Duty on Amazon Prime?

Line of Duty is one of the most popular BBC series in history, and it has received fantastic feedback worldwide. The fifth season of Line of Duty just finished airing on BBC iPlayer in the UK, and now fans are waiting for the upcoming season 6. But, if you haven’t watched any seasons of Line of Duty yet, is it possible to stream Line of Duty on Amazon Prime? Can you watch Line of Duty for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription?

Let me just say, I hadn’t even heard about Line of Duty before I watched the Jed Mercurio show named Bodyguard on Netflix. I was totally amazed by the story, and since I liked it, I was recommended to watch another Mercurio production as well, Line of Duty. At first, I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the show, but after watching half the first season, I was hooked up, and since then I haven’t really managed to stop. But, I haven’t been watching Line of Duty on Amazon Prime, but instead, I have been streaming Line of Duty on Netflix.

But, maybe you don’t have a Netflix subscription, but you do have an Amazon Prime subscription. Can you stream Line of Duty on Amazon Prime in the USA?

Watch Line of Duty on Amazon Prime
Can I Watch Line of Duty on Amazon Prime

Is Line of Duty on Amazon Prime?

Even though you can stream quite a lot of BBC shows on Amazon Prime, like the BBC series Fleabag and also the ABC Murders, you CANNOT stream Line of Duty with your Amazon Prime subscription. As you see on the picture above, it is possible to buy the different episodes, or you can buy access to the full season at once, but there is no way to stream it just by having an Amazon Prime subscription.

But, there is something called an Acorn package available on Amazon Prime, and if you have this, you can stream all the Line of Duty episodes in season 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Amazon Prime (probably also season 5 soon).

You can watch all the Line of Duty episodes on Amazon with an UMC or an Acorn TV subscription.
You can watch all the Line of Duty episodes on Amazon with a UMC or an Acorn TV subscription.

As you can see, the price is 5 USD per month for both the packages, but first you get a 7-day free trial. Now that is more than enough to watch the first four seasons of Line of Duty, considering that one season consists of 5 episodes all lasting 60 minutes. So, if you watch one season a day (5 hours a day), you will have plenty of time to finish in one week, without paying anything at all for the subscription.

How to watch Line of Duty on UMC or Acorn if I am abroad?

If you have a subscription to UMC or Acorn TV, it still will not work if you are located outside the United States. So, what can you do to bypass such regulations and to make the Amazon website believe that you are located in the United States? It can be fixed quite easily, and the full instructions can be found at That article is really easy to read, and you can stream all content available with your Amazon Prime subscription, with your UMC or Acorn subscription, included with your HBO subscription on Amazon, or just Amazon Instant Videos you have bought within a few minutes from now by following them.

Are you ready to stream Line of Duty online? If you have any questions or comments, write them beneath!

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