Can I pay with Bitcoin at Amazon from October 2017?

bitcoin payment at AmazonA recent newsletter from James Altucher is spreading like fire for one reason; in it he claims that Amazon might introduce Bitcoin payment as a method from October 2017.

Six months ago I had no clue who James Altucher was. I had never heard about it. But, then I got enthusiastic about Prime Reading and one of the first books I read was “Choose yourself,” a book written by James Altucher. In the book, Mr. Altucher shares stories from his own life and encourage people to choose themselves and to dare think outside the box. He is an entrepreneur himself and has started around 20 companies (so far).

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gotten lots of negative attention in media lately, but if what James Altucher claims will turn real, that will be a giant leap forward in the life of Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general). I dare not even think about how this will increase the value of Bitcoin and the other currencies, and it will also prove once and for all how cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Is Amazon backing up these statements?

It doesn’t matter what James Altucher may write in a newsletter unless Amazon backs up the statements. So far Amazon has not given any official information or statement on this matter, meaning that we should not take this as a sure deal at all.  Personally, I do hope that Amazon will implement Bitcoin as a part of their payment system, but I have a feeling that it is kind of “too good to be true.”

What do you think?

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