Are you satisfied with Jack Ryan?

Jack Ryan, the new Amazon Original series, was released on the last day of August, and I believe the most fanatic fans have looked at all the episodes already.

I like what I have seen so far, but I have only managed to watch 2 1/2 episode so far. I was really impressed by the text before the first episode because that is when I discovered that Morten Tyldom, the director of Passengers and The Imitation Game, was the director of the episode. Amazon doesn’t take lightly on the task of creating a good series with Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan on Prime Video

As I watched the second episode, I understood that Morten Tyldom was only directing the first episode (and not the full series). But, to be honest, I didn’t really notice the difference. The episodes were quite similar in structure, but the first episode, as a pilot episode, lasted almost 20 minutes longer than the second (and the third episode). I guess they needed some time in the first episode to get the story started.

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

In the start, we get the understanding that Jack Ryan is an analyst, a typical office rat. But, we soon understand that Jack Ryan is much more than an office rat. He has in fact been a field agent, but now he is no longer. The experience from his former tasks will, however, help him greatly in his job.

I look forward to streaming the remaining episodes of the first season of Jack Ryan on Amazon.

And I must admit, it feels good that there finally is some content on Amazon that I actually want to stream with my Prime Video subscription. For a long time, I haven’t used it, and it has only eaten up my money. So, now it is payback time to Amazon, time to watch Jack Ryan!

Have you seen the first season of Jack Ryan? Did you like it?

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