Amazon Studios win three Academy Awards

It is only a couple of hours ago since the Dolby Theatre was in full chaos. Which movie won the price as Best Picture? Was it La La Land? No, it was Moonlight. But, for Amazon it was one evening of victory.

Manchester by the Sea is a fantastic Amazon productions, and Casey Affleck was the big favorite already before the Oscar gala to win the price as best male actor. And yes, as the name of the winner was read, Casey Affleck was the lucky guy, and Manchester by the Sea had won one Academy Award. In addition to the price for best male actor, Manchester by the Sea also won a price for Best Original Screenplay. The guy in charge of this was Kenneth Lonergan, so this was a big night for him as well.

Casey AFfleck win Oscar for best male actor

But, the story doesn’t end there. Amazon Studios won a third award, and the third award was given to The Salesman. This might beĀ  movie you haven’t even heard about, and the reason is that the movie isn’t in English. And for that reason it won the price for Best Foreign Language Film.

What do do now?

These movies are still not available with Amazon Prime, but you can go ahead and buy them right away as Amazon Instant videos. If you are located outside the United States, then you can read more on how to watch Prime movies and Instant movies from abroad by pressing the link.

The big favorite before the awards was La La Land. For a couple of minutes it looked as if the movie would win a total of 7 statues, but since the statue for Best Picture was taken away from them, the movie “only” ended up with six statues. Emma Stone won the price for Best Female Actress.

Did you watch the Academy Awards? I did partly, but since it is in the middle of the night in Europe I did not manage to stay up, because by the time the Academy Awards end, I kind of have to wake up!

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