Amazon Instant Video on Android abroad

Do you have a Prime subscription or maybe just want to watch an Amazon Instant Video film but can not do so because you get an error message as you try to watch it? If you are located outside the United States that is the problem, because you are not allowed to enjoy Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime outside the United States.

I have an Amazon Prime subscription myself, but since I am located outside the United States I am not really allowed to watch from abroad. This is true not only for watching it on my Windows computer, but also as I try to watch Amazon Videos on my Android device I need to bypass this problem. Because, if I simply use the Amazon application for Android which can be downloaded from I will get the following error message as I try to watch the films available.

Error message watching Amazon Instant Video on Android
Player error – We’ve encountered a problem with this video. Please try again. If this problem continues, please contact Amazon Customer Service.

This is the error message I get as I open the Amazon application for my Android device and try to watch a film from Instant videos. So, what can I do to get to see the following instead of the error message above?

Watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on Android
Watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on Android

Both screenshots were made with my Android device, and the difference is big. What did I do to fix the problem? I used my HideMyAss subscription (a VPN provider with IP addresses in the United States and a brilliant 30 day money back guarantee) and downloaded their VPN client to my Android device. I then opened the program and entered my username and password and connected to a server in the United States. With this done I opened the Amazon application again for Android and found the video that I wanted to watch (in this case that was Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) and then I started to watch and had a good time watching!

That is what you need to do for this to work. It is quite easy in fact, and the principle is the same as whenever you want to watch and enjoy Amazon Prime from abroad, which is the topic of this entire website. Hope you have liked the article, and if you should have any other problem or question, just write a comment and I will do my best to answer and to help out!

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