FIFA World Cup 2014 online on ZDF from outside Germany

World Cup 2014 Brazil onlineZDF is the number one TV channel in Germany for football fans. Not only do they show Champions League matches online, but this summer they will also broadcast live from the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Earlier this year ZDF broadcasted from the Winter Olympics together with ARD, and yet again this combination will be the winning combination during the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Probably ZDF will broadcast most of the matches, and ARD will be more like a nice partner in it all, but no matter if ARD or ZDF will broadcast most matches from the World Cup, the point is that you can watch all the matches online on ZDF/ARD easily, also from outside Germany.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 online on German TV from outside Germany

To watch the live broadcasts from the World Cup 2014 on German TV, combination of ARD/ZDF you will need to get yourself an IP address in Germany. The best way of getting such an IP address is to use the VPN services of HideMyAss, a leading VPN provider with many servers in Germany. HideMyAss website(watch live stream in a few minutes)

As you visit the HideMyAss website you sign up for their service (for one month for example). It is no risk in trying, as they have a 30 day full refund policy, if you are not satisfied. After signing up you can download their program and connect to one of their servers in Germany. As you do so you get yourself a German IP address, your Internet activity will be encrypted, after all that is really what a VPN is about, and in addition you can once again watch the live streams on both ZDF and ARD online.

It is easy, it is cool and it is working. I have personally used this throughout the entire Champions League season 2013/2014 to watch Wednesday matches, and it is awesome!

If you want to see World Cup schedules, to see what matches are played when, visit

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