Champions League for free on TF1

TF1 will be one of the many TV channels in Europe which will broadcast one Champions League match for free every week as Champions League matches are played during the group stage and knockout stage.

TF1 is not alone about this, because in the same way ITV in the UK will broadcast from the Champions League one day a week, CTV in Czech Republic will do the same, YLE in Finland will do the same, ZDF in Germany will do the same and ORF in Austria will do the same. This is based on a requirement from the UEFA to make the Champions League available to as many people as possible, and this will of course bring much more money to UEFA as there will be millions of more visitors every week watching the Champions League matches as they can be viewed for free on these public TV channels, and not only on pay TV channels such as BT Sport in the UK, Viasat in Scandinavia and so on.

To watch Champions League on TF1 in France you will need a French IP address, and you can read more about how to get a French IP address and to watch TF1 from abroad in the following article.

The question most interesting to French people in 2015 is probably how PSG will do this year. They are among the best teams in Europe without a doubt, but they never really manage to get all the way to the Champions League final and to get a victory there, but maybe the 2015-16 season will be the breakthrough year for them as well? Time will show, but if you want to follow the season and everything taking place online, then you can read more about watching the Champions League online at the following site.

The Premier League is also about to start within a few days, so if you click the link above you will also find loads of information about how you can watch the Premier League online easily and quickly, and almost for free online.

I hope you will enjoy the 2015-16 football season and all the different leagues in Europe, and of course the Champions League as well!

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