SVT to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018

In Sweden SVT and TV4 will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018. Not only will they broadcast the event, but they are lucky enough to have their national team playing in the tournament. Would you like to watch Sweden play on Swedish TV? You can watch the matches on TV4 and on SVT.

SVT to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018

It is always wonderful to watch football matches with commentators speaking your own language. It doesn’t have to mean that you do not understand English, but to watch a football match with commentators speaking your own language is just a better experience. That is almost always true, but if your own nation is playing, it is so much better to watch when the commentators cheer on the team together with you, and they commentate what’s going on, seen from a local perspective. So, why shouldn’t you as a person from Sweden want to watch the FIFA World Cup online on Swedish television?

To stream the event, visit and, and you should be ready to watch at once. You will need a subscription in order to stream the matches broadcasted by TV4, but the price isn’t really that steep, so go ahead and sign up at once.

What if you want to watch the FIFA World Cup on Swedish TV online outside Sweden?

What should you do if you live in England? You could stream the FIFA World Cup on BBC/ITV in England with no trouble, but if you try to stream the matches on Swedish TV online, it will not work. What is wrong?

SVT and TV4 only have the rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup inside the borders of Sweden. That is what they have paid for, and that is what they are allowed to do. Due to such regulations, they do a background check on every user visiting their websites. This background check is based on their IP address. An IP address is your online address, and it gives away quite a lot of information about you. Based on your IP address they can know your location and your country. So, if they discover that you live in London, or maybe in Copenhagen, you will be blocked from the FIFA World Cup live streams on TV4 and SVT. The solution to this problem? Change your IP address. But, you cannot just get any IP address, you need to get a Swedish IP address.

How to get a Swedish IP address?

The best way to get a Swedish IP address is by using the VPN services of the provider HideMyAss. This is a giant company with VPN servers in more than 200 nations worldwide, and with a subscription to their services, you will get access to all of those.

Once you have a subscription, you can download their VPN client, connect to a server in Sweden, and your IP address will now be a Swedish one. You are ready to watch SVT and TV4 abroad!

Visit HideMyAss website

Click the HideMyAss button above to sign up and to get started. They have a 30-day full refund policy, in case you do not like the service or you want to cancel your subscription for some reason.

You can read more about how to stream the FIFA World Cup on Swedish TV in this article if you would rather prefer reading about the content described in this article in Swedish.