Westworld is now on HBO Now

The brand new HBO series Westworld was just made available on HBO Now. New episodes will be added weekly, and HBO hope this will turn into a new “Game of Thrones” when it comes to success.

HBO has used lots of money to create Westworld. There is little doubt that they have grand hopes for Westworld. Especially knowing that Game of Thrones is coming to an end, they will need a new flagship to arise instead. Can the new HBO flagship be Westworld?


Westworld on HBO Now

When you look at the list of actors participating in Westworld you at once understand that this is a big budget TV series. In Westworld we meet actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, James Marsden and quite a lot of other celebrities.

The story in Westworld is quite complicated, at least I find it to be. That is why I have not at all fallen in love with Westworld after watching the first two episodes. To be completely honest I find it to be kind of boring. The actors are great, the atmosphere of the entire TV series is great, but I somehow find it hard to get to enthusiastic about the story. That is why I probably would watch lots of other TV series instead of Westworld.

The autumn has been great so far and there are several new TV series that I really like based on the first 2-3 episodes. Examples of such TV series are Bull, The Good Place, Timeless and Lethal Weapon. Now, Westworld can not be compared to these as it is completely different. But, my subjective opinion is that Westworld is not a TV series according to my taste at all.

Have you seen the first episodes of Westworld on HBO Now? Did you like them? Are you looking forward to the coming episodes?

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