Watch The Devil Wears Prada on HBO Now

The DEvil Wears PradaAre you found of fashion and clothes, and do you like reading fashion magazines? In The Devil Wears Prada you can get some insight into the fashion world, and maybe it is far away from the truth, but it is still a nice film to watch.

If you got afraid now, do not believe that this is some sort of documentary. No, this is a 100% typical Hollywood film in which you can follow a young girl climbing the ladder in the career where she gets to work with the most famous tyrant in the fashion world. She did not know it before starting of course, but as time flies she notices how her life has changed, and so does her boyfriend.

This is a romantic, fun and a bit boring film at the same time, but a very typical girl film which you now can watch on HBO Now.

The Devil Wears Prada was made available on HBO Now on August 20th. Read more about watching HBO Now from abroad in this article.

If you would rather watch the film on, do so here.

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