Watch MI-5 on HBO Now

I just watched through the catalogue on HBO Now presenting available films and noticed MI-5. I wondered if Mission Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation was already made available, but I soon realized that MI-5 is referring to another film released in October 2015.

You could say that there are many similarities, because MI-5 deals with an imminent terrorist attack on London, and with some corrupt people working inside the government and local forces, an outsider is needed in order to track down the terrorists and to stop the attack.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, or maybe you know just as little about MI-5 as I did before I watched the trailer, you just go ahead and watch the trailer above.

It doesn’t look like a film with a very high budget, but it still is an action film and as I am a big fan of such films I do believe I would enjoy watching this to see how the super hero played by Kit Harrington will save all of England in a day or two.

MI-5 on HBO Now

You can watch the film on HBO Now right away, so have fun doing so. If you are located in Europe and wonder how to watch HBO Now in Europe, press the link to find out how it is done!

If you would rather watch Mission Impossible 5 then it is not available on HBO Now yet, but you can watch it on Netflix. In that article you will also find out how to get access to the Netflix region in which the film has been made available.

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