Watch Brooklyn on HBO Now

Brooklyn on HBOAs of August 13th you can watch Brooklyn and HBO Now. This Academy Awarded films tell the story of an Irish girl migrating to the USA.

I remember watching Brooklyn just before the Academy Awards 2016, just to be prepared for the occasion. I liked the film, but I would never watch it again. In the film we are told the story of this young Irish girl moving to the States, hoping for a new and better life. She is given a hard time, but she is doing her job well and has big favor by her landlord.

What also happens is that she meets this fantastic young boy from Italy, but love ain’t always that easy. What will she decide to do when it comes to her future? It isn’t always that easy to leave your family back home either. Our young girl has some very hard decisions to make.

Brooklyn on HBO Now

On August 13th in 2016 Brooklyn will be made available on HBO Now. It will not remain available there forever, so if you want to watch it you better watch it within the first months. This is an Academy Awarded film worth watching, but it might not be a hit among the typical action film lovers. This is more like a drama with a romantic draw to it, and it might get in favor especially among women of all ages.

Enjoy watching Brooklyn on HBO Now. If you want help to find out how you can access HBO Now abroad, just click the link to find out. That is especially useful information knowing that there are lots of other blockbusters coming to HBO Now in August, and also as you wait for a new season of Game of Thrones to be released.

Brooklyn has an amazing 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes and 7,5/10 on iMDB

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