Watch Blackhat on HBO Now

I haven’t seen Blackhat myself, but it it is action-thriller about some sort of hacker who takes control of everything, and to stop him a guy in prison has to be given free hands in order to stop the hacker.

The film Blackhat is from 2014 and it has been on HBO Now for a little while, but it will not remain there forever, so if you want to watch Blackhat while it is still available on HBO Now, you better hurry up and watch it right away. If you have problems watching HBO Now because you are abroad, then read the following instructions to find out what you need to do in order to fix those problems.

Above you have a look at the official Blackhat trailer. The film itself has not received much praise and it only has a 5.4/10 score at iMDB, a 33% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 51% score on Metacritic.

It is worth noticing that iMDB always give the films a higher score than most other portals, so to be honest the Rotten Tomatoes score is normally the score you should give the most attention.

Have you seen Blackhat? Did you like it? If you have seen it on HBO Now or somewhere else please share your thoughts on the film as you write a comment!

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