Rampage is now on HBO Now

Dwayne Johnson isn’t sitting at home bored waiting for something to happen. He is taking part in a lot of movies, and I feel like there is just one new Dwayne Johnson movie showing up all the time.

In the last weeks, I have watched several Dwayne Johnson movies, for example, Baywatch, Skyscraper, and Rampage. I didn’t really want to watch Rampage in the theater, but when I noticed a few days ago that Rampage can be streamed on HBO Now, I grabbed the chance!

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t impress me with his fantastic acting skills, but there is something about his movies that makes them easy to watch and easy to enjoy. The same is true about Rampage!

Rampage on HBO Now

The Rampage Story

Dwayne Johnson is working with animals, and he has a very special relationship with the gorilla George. He is an albino gorilla that he saved from hunters, and since then, they are almost like best friends. But, one day there is an explosion taking place in a space laboratory, and some leftover material that genetically changes the objects with whom it meets, falls to the earth and George gets “hit” by the material. But, he is not the only one who suffers from this. A wolf also living in the park gets the material in his face, and that is when the action starts.

The material can alter lots of things in the objects, and suddenly George and the wolf starts growing rapidly. They also get stronger, quicker, learn things they haven’t been able to before… and they are getting very aggressive. The evil company behind the research calls the animals to downtown Chicago, and on the way, George and the wolf bring destruction upon everyone. But, how can Dwayne Johnson save Chicago and its people from the monsters?

This is the main story behind the movie Rampage. 

I got to say, that this was an enjoyable movie. It was very fun to see the effects as the super-size animals invaded Chicago. There are lots of cool effects, but again, the best of it all was watching the animals as they cleared up the way and managed to achieve whatever they wanted to.

I am not sure if they picked the title Rampage based on the Rampage computer game from the 90s. But, I enjoy that game back then, and I had a good time watching the movie now!

Watch Rampage on HBO Now

I do not know for how long Rampage will remain available on HBO Now, but it will for sure remain there for 3-4 months. But, why wait, if you can go ahead and watch Rampage on HBO Now right away?

If you want to know more about how you can watch HBO Now outside the United States, visit hbonow.fromabroad.org.

Have you seen Rampage? How did you like it? I had a great time watching it, but I would love to hear your thoughts about the movie.

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