Now you can watch HBO Now on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Samsung Smart TV (2016)

If you have an HBO Now subscription and you also own a Xbox (Xbox One or Xbox 360) or a Samsung Smart TV from 2016 then you will be happy to hear that HBO just released their HBO Now application for these platforms.

hbo now on xbox and samsung smart tv

HBO Now is a fantastic service for those in love with fantastic films and some of the best TV series available at the moment. Their flagship is of course Game of Thrones, but they have lots of other great TV series produced by themselves available there in addition to some of the newest films that recently could be seen in cinemas, but now they are already there at HBO Now. That is also why you want to bookmark this page to get news about what’s happening at HBO Now and news and interesting information about how you can watch it from abroad and much more.

And let me also tell you that now that you can get the HBO Now application to your Xbox 360, Xbox One or Samsung Smart TV then it will be nice to hear that you can watch HBO Now on these also from outside the US. You can find much more information about how you can watch HBO Now from abroad by pressing the link.

Enjoy watching HBO Now and if you have questions or comments, just use the comment field beneath!

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