Highlights on HBO Now in June 2017

June will be a month of sun (let’s hope) and maybe some beach and lots of vitamin D. But, what are you to do after a tiring day out in the sun? Watch some stuff on HBO Now!

But, what are you going to stream on HBO Now in June 2017? You can of course watch some of the good old stuff, but maybe you are more interested in some new movies or TV series? I have hereby created my very own list presenting the highlights on HBO Now in June 2017. You might not disagree with me in everything, but that is no problem at all. Luckily we are allowed to have different thoughts about what’s interesting and what’s not.

Veep season finale on HBO Now

Highlights on HBO Now in June 2017

Silicon Valley and Veep season finale

The computer nerds are back, but in June they will also disappear for a little while, after all it is the season finale that will be released on HBO Now in June 2017. The very same is true for the TV series Veep. Here you can see the guys making fun of American politics, and the TV series has been awarded with everything possible to win for such a TV series. In June 2017 you can stream the season finale of Veep season 5 on HBO Now.

The Accountant

The movie with Ben Affleck playing a kind of retarded accountant was extremely surprising to me. I did not know what to expect when I went to the cinema, but when I left I knew for sure that I got something else than expected. Are you ready for an action movie with Ben Affleck? Here you go!

I Spy

A terrible movie from 2002 with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson, but with lots of fantastic shots from the beautiful city of Budapest. If you are really tired, this movie might be nice. If you like Budapest, then you will love this movie!

For more information on how to stream HBO Now from abroad, click the link. For a full list of all titles coming to HBO Now in June 2017, visit the IP Address Guide.


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