Everest is now on HBO Now

I wrote about it earlier that Everest would come to HBO Now in June and now it is here. If you haven’t seen Everest yet then this is your chance to watch it online on HBO Now.

Everest on HBO Now

Maybe you know a lot about HBO Now or maybe you do not even have a clue what it is, but to make it short let me tell you that HBO Now is the online streaming platform for HBO available to all people who doesn’t have an actual cable subscription to HBO.  This is perfect if you simply want online access and cut all cords, and even though HBO Now is a service for those in the USA you can of course get access to HBO Now also from outside the United States.

Everest is a film telling us the story about two climbers who decide to climb the Mount Everest starting in May in 1996. Unfortunately they are hit by a violent storm and the nature is not showing its best and nicest side as these guys try to climb the mountain and return home safely afterwards. The odds are not on their side, but can they make it?

You can now watch Everest on HBO Now, so enjoy it while it is there, because every months there are great films being removed from HBO Now as well, so be aware and watch it while it is available.

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