Is Canadian Netflix better than HBO Now?

Many people might ask in general if HBO Now is better than Netflix. But, a more specific question is whether or not HBO Now is better than Canadian Netflix?

As you sign up for HBO Now you get to try the service for free for thirty days. That is quite brilliant, meaning that you have thirty days to find out whether or not this is a service you want to continue using.

When you ask whether Netflix is better than HBO Now, then it is first of all a question about what you are looking for.

HBO Now is better than Netflix if you want to stream HBO content

If your goal is to stream HBO content like Game of Thrones, Westworld and other HBO series, then HBO Now is by far the best service. You will after all never get access to such HBO content on Netflix, while you will get access to them at once at HBO Now. If you turn this argument around, you will however soon understand that Netflix is way better than HBO Now if you want access to Netflix content, for exactly the same reason.

The question you have to ask yourself is why you consider signing up for HBO Now or for Netflix. If your goal is HBO productions, then the answer is HBO Now. If your goals is Netflix productions, then the answer is Netflix.

HBO Now is better than Netflix if you want Hollywood blockbusters… or maybe not!

For those who consider signing up for HBO Now because they want access to the newest Hollywood movies, then HBO Now normally get access to these much quicker than Netflix. But, before you run to sign up for HBO Now, there is one thing you should know about. While most movies arrive to HBO Now months earlier than they come to US Netflix, the same is not true if you compare HBO Now with Netflix in Canada.

The March 2017 example

I remember when I wrote about the movies coming to HBO Now in March 2017. I was really happy about the arrival of Ice Age: Collision Course, X-Men: Apocalypse and also Independence Day: Resurgence. But, then at March 1st I visited Netflix to check the March newcomers, and to my great surprise all these mentioned movies had arrived to Canadian Netflix. It is not enough that they arrived on March 1st, but the fact is that they thus came earlier to Canadian Netflix than they did to HBO Now.

I have seen this quite often recently, meaning that Canadian Netflix can be considered just as good as HBO Now if your goal is to stream the latest and best Hollywood blockbusters.

Netflix vs HBO Now – Conclusion

If you have read through the article you have hopefully already come up with an answer to this question for yourself. It is all a question about your demand and what you want to achieve with your subscription. But, if you do not actually need access to the HBO original content, my short answer would be that you should go for Netflix, and in addition follow these instructions telling you how to get access to Canadian Netflix from abroad.

What do you think about this question and my reply? Do you agree? Do you have some comments or experience on your own that you would like to share? Use the comment field beneath to share your thoughts on the matter!


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