Can I watch the Academy Awards on HBO Now?

I am a big fan of great movies and the best movies can be seen on HBO Now. But, can I watch the actual Academy Awards on HBO Now?

You are probably right about the fact that HBO Now is the best platform to watch blockbusters and the best movies made in Hollywood. But, if you would like to watch the actual Academy Awards, then unfortunately HBO Now is not the right platform for you. In the United States the Academy Awards is broadcasted by ABC, and if you have ABC in your home then you can also watch the event online at their website.

For those located elsewhere in the world then there are quite a lot of TV channels that will broadcast the event here and there. You can read more about how you can stream the Academy Awards 2017 online in the following article in the IP Address Guide.

Academy Awards 2017 online

Why I don’t look forward to Academy Awards 2017?

This year’s Academy Awards fill for sure be an amazing event again. There will be fantastic dresses and there will be famous actors receiving prices. But, my biggest concern is that the movie expected to win more prices than any other movie, La La Land, is a movie I did not enjoy at all. It is almost like with lasts years’ statue that went to Leonardo di Caprio for his performance in The Revenant. I did not enjoy the movie, and I always thought that Matt Damon would have earned the statue much more for his performance in The Martian. But, Leonardo di Caprio got his statue, and in the same way I expect La La Land to win lots of statues in 2017, and that makes it kind of boring.

Before we get that far I will however take the time to watch Manchester by the Sea. The movie is not yet available with Amazon Prime, but you can buy it as an Instant Video and watch it right away. Maybe that movie will be the savior of the Academy Awards, making sure that La La Land will not win as many statues as expected.

What do you think? Which movies do you cheer for during this year’s Academy Awards? Which actors and actresses do you cheer for?


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